Droned Returns! (for a while) =D

Hello! Um. It’s been awhile, yes. But I’m just going to breeze right over that fact…It’s June! Things in my life have been pretty crazy lately and it doesn’t seem about to change anytime soon as I’m set to move house in a week and a half, meaning an undoubted downtime from the net…not that I’ve been using it very productively for my comics recently. Yes, that’s right, the word “comic” there was  used in the plural sense, hinting at indeed another project I have on the go. But more about Nit later…

To make up for my lack of commitment to the Droned cause, I have today uploaded three whole pages, leaving me pages for the next week or so while I’m moving, so hopefully I’ll be back to my Tues/Fri biweekly schedule for now until I’ve a new place to live…and the net up and running. Oh yeah, I still also have no scanner! I’ve just stolen my housemates for (probably) the last time now so that’s STILL on the to-do list! Yes, I’m useless but I was designed for drawing, not all the editing/uploading/going out and buying stuff/typing/etc/etc/etc/now I’ve distracted myself with lines///…I suppose I’m just not very good at everything that coincides with making a comic book past the drawing stage, is what I wanted to say. Hooray for unedited blogs of useless rambling…oh Christ, now I’m one of them!

So, please enjoy pages 79, 80 and 81! With more to come next week!

Oh and the picture below is of Nit, my next comic creation. It’s exciting!

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