Back from the dead!! Now ima zombee and I wana some brains pliz. Rrrrreeeerrrggghhh…

It’s almost like coming back from the dead…I’ve only been gone a month though and to me the Droned story has still been happening in full flow. I do however still have the brainache of no scanner and struggling funds to compete with when getting my stuff posted up here on the ol’ interwebness…but I’m not here to cry about that, I do enough of it from day to day without boring you lot with my excuses! It comes out in the comic too, check Leaf’s rant to Jake about shop work, it’s soul destroying and so so ridiculously time consuming that I just kinda had to include something relative in the story. Never work for an hourly rate that’s anything near minimum wage if you like to be creative, it puts a burden on everything you actually, really want to do!

So yeah anyways, 7 pages of Droned are now up for your pleasure, I have admittedly slacked off a bit since not posting a page twice a week, but it’s here and it’s still going! It’s just a bit more sporadic at the moment, please bear with me while I slog through the ever-hopeful yet infinite cycle of work, draw and sleep over and over until I’ll maybe…just maybe…start to feel like things are moving forwards…

You may also be pleased to see the sketch accompanying this post of my friend Pete as zombie. I did it for his birthday back in September ’11 and thought I might share as it kinda relates to the title of this post! Enjoy!

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